Founded 24 May 2018

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About the team

Unser FIFA 19 11v11 Liga Team.

Meet the Roster

Our roster our pride all on one place
    • Manni
      rechter Innenverteidiger

      Manni Profile
    • Sven

      Sven Profile
    • Marcel
      linker Innenverteidiger

      Marcel Profile
    • Costa
      rechtes defensive Mittelfeld

      Costa Profile
    • Oehli
      rechtes Mittelfeld

      Oehli Profile
    • Benny
      linkes Mittelfeld

      Benny Profile
    • Bart
      zentral offensives Mittelfeld

      Bart Profile
    • Sweeney
      rechter Stürmer

      Sweeney Profile
    • Guru
      linker Stürmer

      Guru Profile

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